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Is a robot going to do your next joint replacement?

Robotic surgery does not eliminate the need for human surgeons, but some feel that it does make the humans better surgeons. The robot can help

Posted in Orthopedic Surgery

Is antibiotic necessary prior to dental work after joint replacement?

The use of an antibiotic pill prior to dental work has been thought to lower this risk. In 2013, The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons

Posted in Orthopedic Surgery

When is it safe to travel after your joint replacement?

A commonly asked question by those seeking a joint replacement is how soon can I fly after the surgery? I generally recommend as soon as

Posted in Orthopedic Surgery

Does PRP injection decrease pain in knee osteoarthritis?

Several treatments for osteoarthritis exist, including exercise, weight control, bracing, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories, Tylenol, cortisone shots and viscosupplementation, a procedure that involves injecting a gel-like substance

Posted in Orthopedic Surgery

How long will my knee replacement last?

The good news is that studies show that common types of knee replacements can last more than 20 years. One recent study on long-term outcomes

Posted in Orthopedic Surgery

When are you ready to have a hip replacement?

A total hip replacement is a big surgery, and therefore deciding to have the surgery done is a big decision. Here are some signs to

Posted in Orthopedic Surgery

Fast track total hip replacement surgery is effective and safe

Healthy patients who undergo total hip replacement (THR) can be fast tracked to be discharged in two days compared with the standard three to six

Posted in Orthopedic Surgery

Hyaluronic injections may delay time to arthroplasty in elderly patients with knee OA

Results of a new retrospective observational study showed patients with knee osteoarthritis who were treated with intra-articular hyaluronic acid had a longer time to knee

Posted in Orthopedic Surgery

Does osteoarthritis of hip or knee impair driving capability?

Depending on the location of osteoarthritis, a patient’s driving capability can be impaired and can show significantly increased total braking distance, according to recently published

Posted in Orthopedic Surgery

Am I too young for a hip replacement?

Hip replacement surgery has long been used to treat hip arthritis in elderly patients. However, concerns arise when a patient in his 40s, 50s, or

Posted in Orthopedic Surgery